Jodie Lavery | The Wellness Project
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The Wellness Project

App / UX / UI


The Wellness Project began as an idea to improve and promote more accepting ways of speaking about our emotional well-being. As a year-long thesis project that grew and developed over time, it became a system aimed for a target user group that is too often forgotten about – the caregiver. Focusing on mental illness patient caregivers as a starting point, this project is aimed at those who best understand mental health as they are coming from a place of experience. This user group understands the importance of talking about mental health, and yet they receive the least amount of help to focus on and take care of their own. The Wellness Project includes various systems that promote conversation, connect caregivers with one another and professionals, provide mental health knowledge and resources, and give helpful strategies for coping.


    This Project has received the following awards:

BC Psychological Association Piece of Mind Award in Health Design

App, UX / UI